Airfare Price Alert: NY to Brussels Roundtrip $359 Christmas!

New York to Brussels for only $359


  1. Airline: Delta,KLM,AirFrance
  2. From December (Christmas!)
  3. Airport JFK
  4. Price $359

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There is a huge opportunity to fly to Brussels for only $359 from NY.  Note that then you can fly in Europe for almost any destination in the continent with for a really ridiculous price.

NY to Brussels for only $359 Christmas!

Steps to get the deal

  1. Here is a google flights direct link to one of the suggested dates
  2. Or manually
  3. Search from source: New York all airports
  4. Search for destination: Brussels
  5. Enter from date march 23 Dec - 30 Dec


Here are example results from the search we did:

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