Remove the middleman, finding cheap flights yourself is so easy!

This is how you find damn cheap flights!
Best Likns To Find Them
  1. Google Flights
  2. Momondo
  3. Routehappy
Choose major airports
JFK for example has much cheaper flights, if you can drive to major airports try searching first from these major airports and there are much higher chances you will find better deals there.
Use Everywhere
In most of the above sites or any other type Everywhere, that is if you want to get the best cheap flights and you don’t mind where you travel to.
Don’t book for all family
Sometimes if you choose each ticket separately then it’s possible that you get even cheaper tickets.
Finally book directly from the airline
Not only you might get a better deal, but, most importantly, you would get much better service from them, in case of changes in flight, or cancellation, you want your order to be directly fro the airline and not from mediators!
Getting all the tricks!
Getting all the info and finding by yourself cheap flights, is easy, if you are like me and you like getting all stuff well organized in one book then this is the book for you - How To Find Cheap Flights Book
If you want to get all the actual tricks to find yourself a cheap flight there is a great book which we have also used in order to study the topic, the book actually covers it all. I really like that book not only because of the topic it covers but also because it’s really fun and enjoyable to read. The narrator really knows how to write, this is exactly the kind of books i like.
  1. When to purchase.
  2. How flexible you should be.
  3. How to utilize your money and avoid unnecessary fees.
  4. How to find price mistakes
  5. Thorough guidance, step by step how to find your cheap tickets.
Finding a cheap flight requires some basic automation of your process for finding the cheap flights, we did not end with our tips we have many more! subscribe to get them once we post them up!


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