Airline Price Mistake Alert: NY to Beijing Roundtrip $314

New York to Beijing for only $314


  1. Airline: United Airlines, Dragonair
  2. From September
  3. Airport JKF
  4. Price $314

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There is a huge opportunity to fly to China for only $314 from NY.  Note that then you can fly in China for almost any destination in the continent with for a really ridiculous price.  The price to get from New York to Beijing for September 2017 are only $314.

NY to Beijing for only $314 United Airlines

Steps to get the deal

  1. Go to google flights (we are not connected to momondo flights by any means!!)
  2. Here is a direct link to one of the suggested dates
  3. Search from source: New York all airports
  4. Search for destination: Beijing
  5. Enter from date march 4 Sep to 13 Sep
  6. We estimate the prices are going to be like this only for the next few days


Here are example results from the search we did:

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